Social Services ignoring child abuse. The secret Courts Part 1

I am a father of one child. I will change the names and alter details and dates slightly to avoid us being identified.

I reported three concerns; the mental health of a parent, the parents threat to kill a child and the parent made a series of disclosures that she was abused as a child. I saw the later also as a risk due to my child having contact to date with this man.

I reported these concerns to Social Services and was ignored. Social Services told me to report these concerns to the police, soi did. I was then accused of abusing my powers in my professional job by social services.

My ex partner ran away and I did not see the child for over a year. Sending a birthday card was considered abuse.

A year later my child was returned to me by another social services for the same 2 concerns I had previously reported. She was known to the mental heath team prior to having children and tried to smoother my child and another child. Despite this my social services hid this fact and had no concerns. They put her condition down as post natal depression.

My child returned traumatised. Her pictures look ed like that of an NSPCC photo

My ex was placed on supervision, but then dropped after an expert witness ignored actual medial records, and without meeting nor speaking to me labelled me an abuser and the cause of her illness, quoting that she had never been ill before.

Within court she told them I stabbed her and the child but when asked to give evidence she failed to do so and quickly changed her story to that of emotional abuse. Holding hands and buying her a car was emotional abuse or controlling behaviour

No one showed concerns that she kept changing her story.

Residency was granted to myself.

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