Not seen my child for 5 weeks

I am struggling, the anger I feel is immense of not seeing my child.  I continently ask myself what have I done wrong. I tell myself nothing.  I have done the right thing for reporting child abuse.  These social workers are child abusers.  I am hurting by not seeing nor allowed to speak to my child.  I feel lost.  What must a 5 year old think – abandonment. She was living with me for 3 years of her life; placed with me for the same concerns I reported in 2007/8  by a different social services.  How can 2 different social services have completely different opinions.  My ones having no concerns or a child is not at risk of a parent trying to kill her.  The child’s words

“mummy I love you sorry I keep dreaming that you are trying to kill me”

These words are too close to home as the mother did have thoughts of suffocating her with a pillow.  The child has disclosed the same.  Social Services have no concerns

Look at the recent death of Tia Sharpe.  Possibly suffocated.  How can social services say no concerns.

I get comfort from the media reading stories of how social services keep getting things wrong and are falsely accusing parents.  I know they are wrong.

A friend of mine just left my house.  He had a phone call from his little boy, 2, “Daddy come home”.  My mate was just leaving my house and taking his wife and child out – that’s what family should be, oh how a paedophile ruins a parents life putting  their own disgusting needs before a child’s.  The fact that he could go home and take his son out upset me .



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