Website exposing social workers condemned as ‘vile’

Website exposing social workers condemned as ‘vile’

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A local authority is understood to be taking action over a website publishing the names and photographs of UK social workers alongside offensive material

The website claims to be exposing UK social workers 'in the interests of parents and children'

The website claims to be exposing UK social workers ‘in the interests of parents and children’

Social workers and professional bodies have condemned a ‘vile’ and ‘offensive’ website that threatens to ‘expose’ UK social workers by publishing their names and photographs online.

The website, called UK Social Workers Exposed, features Nazi symbolism and claims to be exposing social workers’ identities in the best interests of parents and children. “Here on this website we will expose the social workers that have stolen and continue to steal the children of the UK,” the site’s mission statement reads.

The names and photographs of around 20 social workers and Cafcass guardians have already been published on the site and a related facebook page, with the site’s creators asking web users to share more names.

Some photographs include further details, such as the number of children the social worker is believed to have taken into care.

Community Care understands that one local authority is considering taking legal action against the website, on the grounds that it incites violence and hatred. After being alerted to the site by Community Care, the College of Social Work (TCSW) is contacting employers whose staff have been named.

Social workers also expressed their outrage on social networking sites today, with many urging colleagues to ensure they have protected the personal information they store online.

Nushra Mansuri, professional officer at the British Association of Social Workers, said she was “sickened” by the site, which she described as “vile” and “disturbing”.

“BASW roundly condemns the organisation calling itself UK Social Workers Exposed. Such websites should be removed as they incite hatred and worse against a number of professional groups involved in child protection, including social workers.

“While we acknowledge that there should be legitimate support groups and pressure groups for parents who have had their children removed, this is not one of them.

“Displaying photographs of individual social workers and depicting them as criminals is truly shocking – particularly those involved in the Baby Peter case who are accused of having blood on their hands,” she said.

She continued: “I actually think the same laws applicable to dealing with for example, far right groups need to be applied. Websites of this kind have no place in a democratic society and expose its proponents as those who do not value the rights of children to be protected by the state when they are being abused.”

Ruth Allen, spokesperson for TCSW, said the College “strongly condemns this offensive website, which seems to be targeting and ‘exposing’ a random list of social workers, many of them simply because they work in the field of child protection”.

“Wherever possible, social workers will try to keep children with their families, provided that this is in their best interest,” Allen said. “However, where social workers consider that children cannot remain safely with their families, they will present evidence for the court to decide on any actions necessary to protect the child.

“For their dedication to their professionalism, particularly in the emotionally charged area of child protection, social workers deserve society’s respect.”

The British Association of Social Workers is currently drawing up a UK-wide policy to help social workers use social media in both a personal and professional capacity.


UPDATE:-  picture that was found of a social worker on the social workers profile 

child snatcher

child snatcher

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44 Responses to Website exposing social workers condemned as ‘vile’

  1. Mr Angry says:

    What I find absurd is, that they are seriously contemplating taking legal action against the owners of this site. This is laughably foolish TBH and it makes my blood boil.
    In a quote, they said; “Social workers and professional bodies have condemned a ‘vile’ and ‘offensive’ website that threatens to ‘expose’ UK social workers by publishing their names and photographs online. The website, called UK Social Workers Exposed, features the Nazi symbol”.

    What this site does is tell the grim tale of the state and $ocial $ervices, working together to break up the families by stealing children. The manner in which, every week, dozens of families are wantonly ripped apart has become truly horrifying. And the only reason this does not itself make headline news is that our so-called ‘child protection’ system has become so ruthlessly hidden from view by the wall of secrecy built around it by our family courts. What is most shocking about our child-care system is the extent to which, behind that wall of secrecy, every part of it has gone off the rails. When families are split apart supposedly for the welfare of the children and other than causing emotional distress to the child, serves only to perpetuate a financial system.

    In Britain some 30,000 children are disappearing every year – where do they go?

    In Britain some 800 children are taken into state care every month – some to good homes but many to homes of abuse.

    In Britain secret family courts accuse good mothers and fathers of being mentally ill so that the State can take their children.
    Who makes these decisions? These people are acting like the ‘Gestapo’. I can honestly say that the featured symbol this site has used only goes to show how they percieve social workers and in recent times they have been referred to as the “Stazi”.
    Children and their families are being subjected such cruelty and the process these so called ‘CHILD PROTECTION UNITS’ around the world use, is without a doubt, the most destructive tool I have ever seen. This ain’t a fantasy – this is hard fact. The child abuse industry is worth £20 billion in court, legal, psychiatric and social work fees alone.

    Final thought…..

    If I went to Africa and took a lion cub from its Mother, I would expect to get mauled to death. Nobody is more qualified to say how you should look after your children than you are and, therefore, nobody has the right to take your children away. This practice of stealing children is happening around the world at an alarming rate. We have an unwritten duty to our children and that is to comfort, nurture, teach and love them, after all, they are the future. Me and Mrs Angry will not allow Bitterly and Mildly (our 2 children) to live in a society where injustice is law.

    • Thanks for the comments – don’t quote me on this but I have been told the saying “best interest of the child” comes from naziism –

      If you read my case, my child was ripped from my care and placed at risk because I, and others, reported suspected abuse. I have a 100% clean background and my background was used against me as being “too well brought up” it was used against me that I never took drugs, took my child to church.

      They had no concerns of what my daughter was saying nor the medical evidence that matched what she was saying.

      Their concerns with me was that I went above social services “no concerns”, fabricating documents, misleading authorities etc by reporting them to police, my MP, NSPCC and making complaints.

      I wont say the reason my daughter was admitted to hospital but it was linked to a disclosure of sexual abuse. The social worker tried to alter the medical records as a “head injury” which is a totally different part of the body, The police were to investigate plain clothed but social workers insisted they wanted to investigate – immediately closed the case BUT fabricated the results of a police investigation that never took place. The LA had no concerns of the social workers behaviour, More to the point were concerned that I challenged them and stated it was abuse seeking medical attention and following medical advice.

      Further more I am a former professional and social services fabricated evidence on
      opinion not fact and had me removed from my job as I might of “used my powers”

  2. Don'tbenosey says:

    The British Association of Social Workers is currently drawing up a UK-wide policy to help social workers use social media in both a personal and professional capacity.

    …then expect it to work both ways, freedom of information sharing and speech is still legal in the UK I believe?

  3. Little Ms Outraged says:

    I actually couldn’t agree more with MR ANGRY! It is just a pity that this has not been brought to light sooner, I agree there needs to be some form of social service to protect those children who are ACTUALLY needing it, but as it is proving the more time goes by, they are removing children from loving families all too often for the silliest reasons!!! I admire the site owner who is willing to go the distance!
    I found it hilarious that they are sayin this site shouldn’t be allowed in a democratic society… about doing the job properly in the first place, safe guard the REAL ones in need and let loving families continue being FAMILIES!!!

  4. Jack says:

    ss has a long bloody history of destroying thousands of children’s lives and their familys too. threats of legal action? the truth will out and social workers involved in child abuse must be named whatever their rank

  5. Mr Angry says:


    What really makes me froth at the mouth is the narrow minded views that some people have on this very emotive subject. Can you all not see what is really happening here? The child abuse industry is a blanket, a smoke screen that is covering up something far more sinister. But, in my own opinion, it would be a complete waste of my time telling people what they covering up because people are having such a hard time acknowledging what the state and $ocial $ervices are doing to thousands of innocent families across Britain and around the world. But lets forget the rest of the world for the minute, in fact, lets not. In my earlier post, I said that the child abuse industry is worth a staggering £20b each year. £20b, just in the UK alone, what of the rest of world? How is this generated? Through the selling of children.

    Let me get you thinking broader. Does anyone remember Jasmin Beckford? Sure you do, she was the little girl that had body building weights tied to her already broken legs to stop her from escaping. Ring any bells now does it? Well, she was just 4 years old when her stepfather battered her to death. This was in 1984. Reason no-one remembers is because no national tabloid printed the story. Why? Government gagged media. In Britain our politicians and judges are part of the abuse. In Britain the professions and organisations that should protect us and our children are part of the abuse.

    Who benefits from child snatching?

    Everybody who touches a child who is taken away by the social services is raking in the money. Legal profession tops, the industry of taking children in to care we know at the moment is about 20 billion pounds. £70k per day if a legal team really get stuck in, £3K a day for medical experts, therapists. Then there are the homes, £7k a week. Now you have to acknowledge, a lot of morality goes out the window when money appears. In my opinion, linking huge payments of money with children is itself a start of a recipe for disaster. If we take it a step further, targets have been put in place where the government will give local authorities more money if they can get more children in to care. We are talking about big sums of money. They have the audacity to call this website vile? Pot calling the kettle black, yes? Hypocrites the lot of ’em. Soon, the streets will be lined with a seething mass of angry parents, demanding to get their children back.

    Wait, why aren’t they doing this now? Why are these parents not meeting across the country, oceans with others who are equally aggrieved, all with the same tale to tell? Can you not see what’s happening? Can you feel the undercurrents? Forget what’s in your faces, which is the frustration and the impenetrable barriers. But there are undercurrents of energy flowing. The little people are the ones that stand on the bank and watch it flow past them; the big people are the ones that jump in and own it.

    There are many parents caught up in a sea of mistakes and lies by these Child Protection Units
    around the world. It’s time to admit that mistakes are made and an investigation into them is started A.S.A.P The parents of these children have there lives put on hold and with no fault of there own have to endure years of abuse from these workers that just won’t admit there wrong no matter what the circumstances. The children of these parents are confused and just don’t understand what is going on in the family life when these people just appear and remove the children. These children end up with coping with stress at an early age and are scared for life as well as the parents. We need to put a stop to this practice NOW before more children end up in Foster care that shouldn’t be there in the first place.

    This so called process that the Child Protection Units use on the parents is the most
    destructive tool I have ever seen. What good comes of an innocent child being put through this hell for years when they shouldn’t even be there in the first place? It’s been said that child abuse is “the murder of a child’s soul”. How many of you would agree with that? Childhood violations, be they sexual, physical or psychological, they shadow the survivor into adulthood and manifest themselves as depression, anxiety, addiction and other self-destructive behaviours like self harming or suicide. Well, what’s the alternative? Child abuse continues because the nation feels disempowered. More groups are shouting about more injustice, child killers go for walks in the park after getting parole having done a short spell in jail. Is that all the life of a child is worth to society nowadays?

    Sadly, it would appear so! If it wasn’t for websites like this, exposing the darkside of the state and $ocial $ervices, we would not be any the wiser! Thank you to the creators of this site who have certainly open my eyes to evil that lurks deep inside the deepest and darkest rooms in Westminister. I for one will guard your backs.

    **END OF RANT**

    • Mr Angry – you have written an excellent reply – and I really wish i could say you are talking rubbish, and I will be brutally honest 5 years ago I would have said that; sadly though you are right.

      What makes it more surreal is that I am a former professional, dealing more so with public order, not child protection, I lost my job through social services, fabricating evidence to my employer because I reported to the police threats made to kill my daughter. Anyone would report this. To my horror I was faced with the fact social services wrote to my employer stating “I might use my powers” and it was “controlling behaviour” reporting these concerns. The child further reported disclosures of a sexual nature from a man that has links to social services. Trained in body language and ripping apart statements, I ripped social services to shreds , only to find that every lie I caught them out on they reduced contact with my daughter further. Is this justice?

      Put it into perspective I am the 4th KNOWN adult to report this man. A statement was made by another that this man exposed him self to a 5 year old and masturbated to a 7 year old. The judge said “this man might of been going to the toilet in the park and the 5 year old saw his willy”

      I have said that I’m clean as a whistle no criminal convictions, nothing; so if they can do this to me I hold out no hope for any other people going through this with just a slight history. We have to untie together hence why I published this article.

    • Mr Angry says:

      I hope you won’t mind but, I have put this on my blog.


      Although I might not have first hand experience of this myself, I still feel the sense of duty to my fellow human beings to stand up for what simply is the right thing to do.
      For those who want this site shut down, do you not see that you are siding and protecting those who are committing these dispicible crimes? Or have you been so brainwashed that you think today is Friday when it is actually Wednesday? You bang on about paedophilia this and paedophilia that and it makes me seeth with uncontrolable rage, because you say that you are against child abuse but you LEAVE THEIR WEBSITES UP FOR ALL TO SEE, DON’T YOU?
      Condemning this site for simply telling the truth is outrageous. The message you are getting across to people is that child abuse is bad but the paedophile sites stay up anyway.
      As the poor woman pictured in this article, dipicted as the “Child catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” in my opinion is not science fiction but more of a “We all know who done it”. What plausible affects could this possibly have on this woman that could ever come close to the torment, trauma and vile acts that the state and $ocial $ervices have used on the parents? I very much doubt this woman knows what being a victim is and I sincerely hope that there she and other social workers are reading this post.

      Final thoughts……

      If I were to break in to say, Curry’s and, steal a state of the art, credit card thin TV and then give it to my friend, who says “nice one”. 2 days later, he gets a knock at the door, 2 policemen outside and they ask him about a TV and that they have a reason to suspect that it is there. They say “if you have nothing to hide, you will let us in”.(LITTLE PIGGY). Anyway, they find said TV, arrest my friend for recieving and handling stolen property. Now, if 4 policemen and 3 $ocial workers come to youR house and say that they have a reason to believe that your child is at risk from emotional harm and that they have come to take your child in to care. Lets just say that you let them. Now, your child could be adopted out to a foster family, where your child will have their name changed to the family they are being adopted out to. Because the state and police and $ocial $ervices have acted illegally, and removed your child, surely the adopted family is in all essence, is recieving stolen goods!

      I would like to see the laws of this country, so I could see first hand if there is any real difference in recieving and handling a stolen TV set or a baby/child. The crime of theft and recieiving/handling stolen property is the same, well, ain’t it? And, to rub more salt in to the injury, they also get paid for it. SICK! Ain’t you seen the adverts in becoming a foster carer? Google it. You will be amazed.

      Final words…..
      If they were to shut down all paedophile websites, then, there would be no need for sites like this one that is under attack and threatened with closure because, they feel it is offensive, vile and promotes violence. What do you think a paedophile websites promotes? A time share in Florida?

    • timetoexpose says:

      Excellent rant Mr Angry and so true. My experience with social services in north east has been less than pleasant. The whole social services system needs reforming and quick. I want to get involved with pushing for these changes but don’t know where to start

      • I do think the “adults” that were the products of the care system where it failed them needs to take action against them, and the parents to sue – we need to hit them in the pockets – there are a few ideas out there

  6. Mr Angry says:

    Dear Little Ms Outraged,

    Forgive me for asking but, are you a distant cousin to Angry’s by any chance?

  7. isawyousawme says:

    Yes this website should be encouraged i lost my kids for no real medical or legal reason it tore our family apart and damaged our children social workers need to do their jobs correctly as i believe they get information from nhs schools care workers police and start proceedings to remove the children they fail to check the information then the police fail to check social workers have done their jobs correctly at the stage of the courts the secret courts the judge says agreed stamps your children away and thats it The British association of social workers parents carers social workers are all whistle blowing learning at the conference child protection and the future of the family conference at 9am the suncastle north parade skegnness 12th and 13th of september face book andrewpeacher SOCIAL SERVICES WE WILL NOT FORGET WE WILL NOT FORGIVE EXPECT US

  8. Mr Angry says:


    If you think and I’ll keep stressing this point throughout my posts, if you think because of your social position, your knowledge, intelligence or that you are a good person, that these people are not capable of taking your child away, I am sorry but you’re wrong. I apologise for the nature of this but, we need to deal with it because if we don’t, we will lose control of our society.
    I received a phone call a few days ago suggesting that society is broken. Our society is not
    broken, it is working the way they designed it to work. And it is no accident.

    The press are not giving us the right information, (although they are starting catch on) our Government will not serve the people the way it is meant to, the judiciary will not serve justice and the police will not protect us….WHY? They are colluding and/or conspiring to cover up the truth of the sexual abuse of children. Google Hollie Greig, to understand more on establishment cover ups. Information is being systematically removed from the internet but more worryingly, laws are being introduced to prevent questions being asked. “Child snatching is being carried out by Government agencies that have an interest in Adoption Agencies, Coram, BAAF and that take happy, healthy, young, bright children from innocent parents in the secret family courts. The court procedures are totally against the Human Rights of the parents and children in many ways, the trials are unfair, they are unjust punishment and torture; there is no right of
    free speech and no private family life.
    “The government workers lie in order to stop contact between the parent and child in order to alienate the child from the parent. They stress the parent by making them watch their child’s mental health and security deteriorate while they are being alienated from the parents and have constant court proceedings. “They then instruct a psychologist of their choice who will make the report that they want and will pay them many thousands for doing it. The psychologist will assess the parent and child while they are being alienated in order to find that the family is depressed with additional disorders. I am not surprised, are you?

    Can you not see a pattern forming? So, we are going to put the issues of child abuse in a worldwide context, that way Governments around the world might just take a more notice. At the moment, a petition is just another petition and holds little weight. It’s another pile of paper, destined for the political shredder as far as they’re concerned. But on a worldwide scale, if just one Government in one country makes changes because of that, then what we’re doing is a step in the right direction. If that happens to be a foreign country then, the UK puts pressure on to get things changed in this country, if that country is changing their laws then we should be doing the same.

    We need your help and support to rid our Governments, social services of these criminals and help to re-educate the ones that want to speak but won’t. Many people, especially ignorant people, The Government for example, want to punish people like me and others for speaking the truth, for being correct and for being ourselves. Anyone with an ounce of decency would speak up for vulnerable children of this world who sadly fall victim to abuse. We need to put the world’s Governments on notice that we do not accept what they are doing to the children and we certainly do not apologise for speaking our minds and the truth. We are right when we say there is corruption within the establishments and we must continue to speak out. Even if that means I do it alone, the truth is still the truth.

    Childhood is such a brief and yet precious time in life. Let children be CHILDREN in their childhood, not little academics. Children are our future – without our children we have no future. We have to stand up and fight for them, and it is our duty to love, protect and nurture them.

    We must all stand up and act to give ONE VOICE FOR THE KIDS – sitting on the fence is not an option.

    Final Rant…..

    The collective political establishment has betrayed the British people by transferring our national sovereignty to a foreign power without our consent. This is in defiance of our constitution and an act of treason.

    They do not need to know how many people we represent today, only how many we might represent tomorrow and they should know that our numbers grow daily. This serves as their window of opportunity to make amends and give remedy for the crimes committed against us. We will show compassion for those who recant and we will be ruthless with those who do not concede to the wishes of the people.

    Ignoring our plight is not an option… if they think it is, then this serves only to demonstrate that their intellect is subservient to their arrogance. They may feel that they can ignore it because they are too powerful, but to do so is to underestimate the seething resentment that the people feel for the political establishment in general. They have rewarded themselves with the trappings of office – high salaries, luxuries denied most of us, privileges, pensions, prestige and benefits that you and I can only ever dream of… whilst burdening us with ever-higher taxes, derisory pensions and declining standards of public services. It is we who ultimately pay the price for their malfeasance.
    People are meeting in groups across the country, talking across oceans… they are disparate, disorganised and without an effective plan to repel the global agenda…as yet. BUT a leadership is emerging… organisers are co-ordinating and small groups are linking to form larger groups. The dichotomies of left v right, Christian v Muslim, black v white, Catholic v Protestant, which have been used to great effect to divide and conquer in the past, will find no favour in this war. The call to arms that will unite us will be ‘the people v the global elite’ – the cry will cascade street to street and find easy passage and universal support – for our common purpose has greater value and strength than theirs.
    We have a constitution – which they ignore. We have been denied our democratic rights, regardless, we have clearly expressed our wishes, in one opinion poll after another, that we do not want to be governed by a foreign UN elected officialdom, but still they disregard us. We are promised a referendum on our future, but then they recant. They speak in support of our views when in opposition, but act to the contrary when we elect them.
    They accommodate tyrants, dictators, arms dealers and all manner of dubious characters, with whom they are happy to keep company. They turn a blind eye when the smell of money wafts their nostrils… it suppresses the stink of corruption and evil. Their moral compasses are defunct… their values deplorable and motives despicable. Our soldiers die to service their corporate agenda – their blood is on their hands.
    It is our intention to govern ourselves… we do not seek their permission – this is our right. They have had their opportunity and they have failed. We will take back control of our own lives in stages, as and when it suits us. Our numbers will grow as we show by example that prosperity is the natural consequence of honest and fair governance. We will expose them for the parasites they are.
    This country has a constitution – which they ignore. We have Magna Carta, the declaration and the Bill of Rights… we have trial by jury, habeas corpus, the coronation oath. We have our customs, traditions and common law. We have the right of petition, free speech, and free movement and above all… we have the right to govern ourselves. These are our inalienable rights – they are not privileges granted to us by them or their ilk. They cannot be taken away or extinguished at the whim of political diktat or through corrupt judicial process and certainly not at the behest of foreign undemocratic institutions. They have no authority to dictate… their duty is to serve.

    We do not recognise regions imposed upon us by Europeans to affect their control over us – to divide and conquer us. We are a sovereign nation… a proud people. We have watched our country slowly destroyed… by them – we now see clearly what they have done… their purpose and their betrayal. We will honour our inheritance – the freedoms fought for and secured for us, and we will ensure that we will pass this on to the next generation, to our children and theirs.

    We are not winning today, but today is the day we start to win. Go to it!! Tell a friend.


  9. dorment volcano says:

    Hypocrisy and corruption by the state and all its departments, is one thing but, ignoring the bill of rights and the Magna Carta is causing nothing but rebellion. This problem has reached its peak. This is nothing but genocide. I myself have been living a life, blinded and crippled by this hypocrisy and lack of empathy by the state for too long that is time to say No to this type of abuse.
    What we need to is, seek to create a multi-agency approach to these issues in order to tackle the issues in all of their complexity. We need to raise public awareness of the impact of childhood abuse by hosting high-profile events such as this one in Skegness, we need to educate people as to how destructive childhood abuse and child snatching by the state is corrosive to society.

  10. ANN says:

    One thing is for sure there needs to be a change for the better

  11. Mr Angry says:

    The call to arms that will unite us will be ‘the people v the global elite’ – the cry will cascade street to street and find easy passage and universal support – for our common purpose has greater value and strength than theirs. Well it does.
    I would like to enlighten you all with the greatest speech ever to be written. The man who wrote it was originally from Walworth, London.

    I’m sorry, I don’t want to be an emperor, that’s not my business, I don’t want to rule or conquer anyone, I would like to help everyone if possible, Jew gentile black men, white. We all want to help one another, human beings are like that, and we want to live by each other’s happiness, not by each other’s misery. We don’t want to hate and despise one another. In this world there is room for everyone and this world has room for everyone and the good earth is rich and can provide for everyone, the way of life can be free and beautiful, but we have lost the way, greed has poisoned men’s souls, has barricaded the world with hate, has goose stepped us in misery and bloodshed.
    We have developed speed that we have shut ourselves in, machinery that gives abundance as left us in want. Our knowledge has made us cenacle our cleverness hard and unkind, we think too much and feel to little more the machinery, we need humanity, more than cleverness we need kindness and gentleness, without these qualities life would be violent and all would be lost. The aeroplane and the radio has brought us closer together, the very nature of these inventions cries out for the goodness in men, cries out for universal brotherhood and unity for us all. Even now my voice is reaching millions throughout the world, millions of despairing men, women and little children, victims of a system that makes men torture and imprison innocent people.

    Those that can hear me I say do not despair, a misery that is now upon us is but the passing of greed, the bitterness of men that fear the way of human progress. The hate of men will pass and dictators die and the power they took from the people will be returned to the people and so as long as men die liberty will never perish. Soldiers don’t give yourselves to brutes, men who despise and enslave you, regiment your lives, tell you what to do what to think, what to feel, who drill you, diet you treat you like cattle, use you as cannon fire. Don’t give yourselves to these unnatural men, machine men with machine minds and machine hearts, you are not machines, you are not cattle you are men. You have the love of humanity in your hearts, you don’t hate, only the unloved hate, the unloved and the unnatural. Soldiers don’t fight for slavery fight for liberty in the 17th chapter of St Luke is written the kingdom of god is within men, not one man nor a group of men but within all men, you, you the people have the power, the power to create machines, the power to create happiness. You the people have the power to make this life free and beautiful to make this life a wonderful adventure then in the name of democracy let us use this power, let us all unite. Let us fight for a new world, a decent world that will give men and women a chance to work and will give you the future and old age a security, by the promise of these things brutes have risen to power but they lie they do not fulfil their promise, they never will, dictators free themselves but they enslave the people. Now let us fight to fulfil that promise, let us fight to free the world, to do away with national barriers, to do away with greed with hate and intolerance, let us fight for a world with reason a world where science and progress will lead to all men’s happiness. Soldiers in the name of democracy.

    By Charlie Chaplin

    For every time I read this passage, I shed a tear. He is right and his voice is still being heard today.

  12. open ur eyes says:

    The only people who defend social workers after dealing with them are courts, teachers and other ‘professional’ bodies because they are the ones that earn more money the more children that are taken away from parents.

    The way things are being run at the moment directly echo’s Nazism and is provable as that, the policies slowly being adopted in the uk are communist views, like for example a single currency,here is a meeting that tells it all

    The people need to fight back, we are heading slowly and sneakily towards a dictatorship, social workers are dumb, there is no doubt about it as they really cannot see what is plain in front of their face, I have yet to hear of a people who has been through experiences with social services and praise them for there efforts in helping them and setting them back on the right path.

    Social workers are opinionated, power happy and think they can tell you what to do with your life, what they don’t understand is that they were put there to protect children, not keep up with quoter’s and ‘always be in the right’, they cannot accept when they make a mistake, they cannot see other peoples views, they are closed minded and very stubborn.

    Then again, they have been taught by people who are the same, some even worse so things are not going to get better unless scared people stand up and say ‘no, we will not take it any more’, fight back and take our children back out of the hands of these idiots.

  13. isawyousawme says:


    The author of the website below and myself i am not the author i am andy 07827731060 we all have all lost our children in the secret family courts due to social workers lying in our cases or not checking information blaming other child protection areas nhs teachers police schools nursery etc

    We have 4000 people who cant be wrong there was more but 4000 have provided medical and or legal proof

    courts dont want to hear neither does social services we will get justice on every street protest we join in every uk area the courts your offices will be full of people wanting the truth.

    The very people you protect you let down the children they have no human rights and no say and you profit from the job you do and the child remains abused scared for life they will not forget you neither will i.

    The silly thing is you have a choice but pensions job security and the rest you protect make you act the way you do.


    REF The 3 articles below

    or throwing your dummy from your pram you yes you will be the next to be exposed bye if you have done nothing wrong then you will not be exposed we hope all whistle blowers will come forward our kids returned by christmas please.






    WATCH THIS VIDEO AND THESE LINKS brian gerrish ex navy mp john hemmings

  14. Mr Angry says:

    It would it appear to anyone who has eyes to see, we have our priorities mixed up.

  15. Missy says:

    I remeber reading the book nortadamas and he belived there would be a 3rd world war (he also predicted the twin towers) now whos to say he ment country against country? And not the people of the world against their own govenments??

  16. 21KWriter says:

    Just to say that I agree TOTALLY in the exposure of these people, who should be facing criminal charges for their pergury, misfeasance in public office and perverting the course of justice. Social workers are totally unprofessional and deserve to face the wrath of the law, for their actions in removing children falsely, and even for falsifying evidence which we know happens routinely in so many cases.

    It is right that these social workers are named and shamed!!! They routinely conduct defamation against parents, supposedly in the “interests of the child”. I applaud the person who has set up this website to expose these individuals, as sadly we know the parents affected are “gagged” by the courts or too afraid of the consequences of speaking out. The Press is now so weakened that they do not even report the news, or the child trafficking in the UK would be headline news every day. The public needs to appreciate the gravity of this corruption, as it can take many forms given the agencies linked as expressed below. ‘Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely’ is quite clearly being demonstrated.

    The system has become totally corrupted, with a criminal network of social workers, general practitioners, schools, hospitals, so-called expert witnesses, local authorities, PCT’s, NHS trusts and the list goes on. The Constitution is being secretly re-written by these individuals and the Rule of Law ignored. Human rights are being abused and ignored, but why a new police state across Europe perhaps, another agenda to control the population..? Well, sadly this is NOT going to work. The mass population have been ‘drugged’ and dormant, but they are waking up to what is going on. They needed the dots to the puzzle joining up, and involving children is the biggest mistake that could ever be made.

    All the individuals who are standing up and taking steps to stop the State stealing children at huge profit are heros. They often experience great loss and are threatened in many ways, but still keep going to expose the truth and save the lost children. Children do not have a voice any longer, as unfortunately the State has effectively put a price-tag around their necks by offering incentives and bonuses for adoption. We are a westernised society supposedly, who would in the alternate challenge a third world country when a child is sold, so why is this not happening. The answer is that there is a new breed of cold, sadistic, low empathy ‘creatures’ who are in these roles and agencies. The general public needs protecting from these people, and this cannot happen unless people start to speak up, the smaller group amalgamate and they effectively chase the child-snatchers out of town!!!

    A final note about the social worker who chose to depict herself on Facebook as the ‘child snatcher” from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Quite simply this is deplorable and disgraceful, she should be sacked as she is clearly suffering from “emotional harm”, and should not be allowed anywhere near children. Equally her employer should be reporting her to the professional body for misconduct as this image has unquestionably brought their so-called “profession” into disrepute!

    • Just to say that, as a parent of having my child snatched, my crime; reporting suspected abuse I find the photo which this social worker made vile and insulting. My concern is that social services and professional bodies cannot see that their actions and behaviour towards parents are “vile”, and more important social workers cannot see the emotional harm that they are causing to children.

      Only last week I met an 18 year old that was in care. He was one of 4 siblings removed from his mother; her crime she reported her now ex partner sexually penetrating her daughter, now an adult who was 4 at the time. All children, apart from one who is 16, were told that their mother did not want them, resulting in them all having attachment disorders. All children have mental health problems CAUSED by social workers and social services. The 18 year old has just come out of prison for attacking the social worker that routinely abused him in care (which evidence has shown abuse routinely happens in the care system, covered up by social services).

      I have heard that my daughter was told that I did not want to see her any more, and have heard so many cases where this has been reported.

      My daughter also disclosed to me that the social worker was going into school telling her she would not see her dad (me) any more. The social worker called my daughter a liar. From what has happened is no further from the truth. How dare they call my daughter a liar.

      With reference to misconduct and misfeasance in public office, I reported social services to police for forging a police investigation, intimidating me to drop a court case that I took out against them, the altering of medical records, the list goes on; social services and the family courts called me paranoid for reporting them.

  17. Mr Angry says:

    This is truly horrific news. In Britain today a secret court system is stealing and trafficking people’s children. It’s summed up as the ‘Gulag of the Family Courts’ in Jack Frost’s book, and as ‘Child Stealing By The State’ by other journalists. This uncovers a brutal conspiracy between Social Services, the police, the courts, government and public authorities, to unlawfully take children from their parents and pass them into a frightening and often abusive Social Services system. That conspiracy still exists; so does the evidence.

    It was hard to believe at first, some of the stories, but the evidence became overwhelming. Files of letters, court documentation, emails. There were lies, perjury, falsified medical evidence, false psychiatric assessments, kidnapping, psychological pressure, police threats, blatant collusion of defence and legal teams of prosecution against the parents, failure to prosecute the perpetrators of child abuse and medical incompetence, and victimisation of innocent mothers. The courts had taken no notice of the child’s wishes. This horrible tarantula web of a system is secretive and powerful; local councillors cannot challenge their own Social Services departments about their actions. Social Services are UNACCOUNTABLE to anybody and hide behind secret family courts and confidentiality. They use the courts to gag parents and suppress exposure. Governments offer local authorities more money for more children they can get into care; they set targets. 25,000 children a year are being taken in this way.

    These events are orchestrated. Support and Common Purpose are at the highest levels. Common Purpose goes into schools to re-train children and also uses Neuro-Linguistic Programming on the police. The BBC is heavily involved in Common Purpose and James Rennie, who abused 3-month old babies, was Common Purpose trained. There are secret family courts, into which the public are not allowed. They are very dangerous in that the public have no track as to what’s happening to people. And they are under the total control of a single Judge, who knowingly or unknowingly relies on false evidence, and a district judge can come out with a gagging order and put people in jail for trying to tell the story. There have been 200 people put in jail through the secret courts. It is creeping piece by piece. The children are taken and the child snatch cases are gagged under family court ‘confidentiality’ rules and data protection.

    The appeal process is corrupt and circular, much like a revolving door, and held in secret, so the victimised parents and children find themselves denied justice. Pathways are blocked. Threats are used to get parents to back down. Children are put on one of three data bases – (i) contact point; (ii) social services; (iii) MPs and celebrities. They are being fingerprinted even for going into lessons. Siemens, the German CCTV company, provide social services with the software to get close to our children. Also parents being told they’re not ‘bright’ enough to have children (I heard of a case of a 17 year old girl on the run for this same reason to protect her child) – this is the start of eugenics, which is being taught in schools. Goldman Sachs funds this amongst other 3rd sector quangoes and charities. Eugenics is here in our children’s schools; it has a registered charity number 1099782 (UK) under the regulator for charities in England and Wales, founded by Laura Huxley wife of Aldous Huxley. Aldous Huxley supported sterilisation to “prevent the sub-normal from having any families at all”. There’s an agenda to re-educate and re-engineer children into a new society. (Barnardos supports the adoption of children before they are born.)

    Those trained in psychosynthesis are now in UK schools: under the ‘Teens and Toddlers Project, Part 1 of Children: Our Ultimate Investment’. Counsellors are being placed in schools each offering a day of 5 or 6 counselling sessions, that’s 50 counselling sessions per school per week, the parent never knows what happens in these sessions; ‘Project Caress’ was an objective, to develop ‘caressing rooms’. Many reports have arisen of children hanging themselves. Something is being done in the schools. Industrial Military private companies are running Academy schools and ARK (Absolute Return for Kids). Children are encouraged to use laptops, there’s heavy use of Wi-Fi . Newspapers are gagged.running Academy schools and ARK (Absolute Return for Kids). Children are encouraged to use laptops, there’s heavy use of Wi-Fi . Newspapers are gagged.

    Endless reports document social services officials as being cold, like emotionless robots, and the truth began to unravel. What happens to these children when they are placed in ‘care’? They are often used for drug testing. Often body parts are disappearing in hospitals. There is the case of Helenor Bye. Body parts were stripped out of her – provable. The case of Hollie Greig – her mother was forced to the ground and had a needle inserted in her. She was placed in a psychiatric unit. The case of Linda Lewis – she was never allowed in a court to say she wanted to go home and was put on a cocktail of drugs and told her mum never loved her, people were laughing at her and her pain was imaginary. Sabina – the case of a 10 year old son taken, and Corinne Gouget – this case was twisted 180 degrees. They destroyed her mental health so much she was treated as a mental case. Ian Joseph wrote a book, ‘Forced Adoption’. They falsify documents, lie, bully, and turn children against their parents, having been taught how to use psychological bullying using NLP programming; the Nazis did this. Look up EU Child Snatching Roelie Post – who worked in Romania, and the trafficking of Romanian children, in laboratories wired up with electrodes; Col J R Rees – ‘Mental Health’ links to Tavistock; also Tavistock links to NHS. This shadow group, Common Purpose, here gets spookier when they use phrases like ‘Our networks will soon be very important’. They are seen now joining UK networks with networks in Europe. Gordon Brown and Barack Obama have been heard using the expression ‘common purpose’. Never contact social services. Never sign anything. Refuse assessment by psychiatrists. Stay away from these people.

    The extreme cases are all about re-engineering children into this new society and taking a few children away in the thousands is testing the waters. This was presented by Brian Gerrish, ex-Naval officer and anti-submarine warfare expert from Plymouth and who I have deep respect for, who discovered a strange organisation called Common Purpose operating in the city which he fell upon when he was involved with a group in Plymouth helping people find jobs; one of their projects was restoring wooden boats. It was a success, everything was going fine. And then it suddenly changed. The Council withdrew their support. Brian and his team tried to carry on with it alone. But within a short time key people were being threatened. What went wrong? They were shocked to find that Common Purpose was encompassing so many groups of people who did not declare themselves and that operated throughout the structure of the city – they found them in government offices, in the City Council, in the police, in the judiciary, it was everywhere; something underlying, evolving, like an elitist secret society which doesn’t want to show itself to ordinary people and talks about ‘creating new leaders’.

    Until the next rant, make notes of what angers you and others and send them to:

  18. I will also cite references to the expert witnesses, summoned by social services and paid thousands to destroy family lives. The government commissioned Professor Jane Ireland to investigate; the findings were remarkable. I wont cite stats here as i dint want to get them wrong but a high number were unqualified in the field required, reports were to a poor standard.

    I have seen freedoms’ of information on expert witness George Hibbert and his antics – I will be doing articles on these expert witnesses in due course – if anyone can come forward to help this would be great.

    My expert witness made various open statements giving no reason for his thought process saying that my daughter has made disclosures because by brother was seriously ill as a child, my daughter played a game with me blowing bubbles was a concern, I was too closed to my family, it was a concern I do not smoke or take drugs and rarely drink, I had breached my professional boundaries by reporting another parent making threats to kill a child. He said that the medical problems which my daughter had was not related to abuse, desipite him not being qualified in sexual abuse only mental health, the hospital and GP and NSPCC totally disagreeing with the expert but social services went with him. I passed three other psych assessments but social services went eith their assessment on sole instructions. The LA paid him nearly £8000 of your tax payers money. (he was on £220 per hour)

    Next time you complain on how much council tax you are paying; you know now know where your money is going.



    Copied from the above link
    Senior Social Worker creates Vile Child Catcher Photo – Colleagues Say it is “brill” and “funny”

    Senior social worker for Derbyshire Local Authority Jo Smith angered parents and campaigners with a vile image she created of her face photo shopped on to an image of the notorious Child Catcher from the 1968 movie “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang”.

    Jo Smith proudly presented the images to her friends and colleagues on the social network Facebook. Just as disturbing were the comments made by her colleagues stating that the image is “brill” and that Jo Smith is “too funny”.

    This social worker holds a senior position within Derbyshire Local Authority, a position which other social workers look up to; this lady is the role model for those workers. Her actions are telling them not to be ashamed of being “child catchers” and that they should openly laugh at the fact they steal children from parents and profit from their adoptions.

    These vile people have no empathy; they are completely devoid of loving human emotion. Their actions cause untold agony and suffering to thousands of families and children every year, to add insult to injury they think their actions are humorous.

    The image created by this deranged social worker along with the comments from her colleagues was exposed on the now infamous website “UK Social Workers Exposed”, incidentally it is Derbyshire social services who were the first to seek legal advice and threaten legal action against the website for the exposure.

    The public are urged to contact Derbyshire Local Authority and ensure this “child catcher” is removed not only from her senior position in child care but also from the register of social workers.

    Derbyshire Local Authority can be contacted at:
    Call Derbyshire: 08 456 058 058
    or 01629 533190
    Text us: 86555

    SSEC (research) UK
    Social Services Crimes Research

  20. Katherine says:

    Mr Angry, I agree with everything you say from personal experience of their ploys and tactics and have court findings that prove they cover up for child abusers and fabricate reports, medical records etc. and this case is Northern Ireland where they used false hearsay from the suspected sexual abuser to smear the mums good name, her crime? reporting the ‘case’ with MLA not only did this not have foundation but this was twisted to imply she had links to the IRA, mum was treated disgracefully, talk about kangeroo courts, they ARE CRIMINALS.

    • Thing is courts find social services lie and criticise them then go along with them -dont know if you have read my blog but I reported abuse and social services focused on discrediting me and every one else that heard the disclosures – child focused and best interest of child like f**k

      I was trained to rip apart statements and I ripped apart social services caught them out lying on every turn – but every lie they reduced contact, when I told them i am taking them to criminal courts they stopped contact. My daughter is now in the care of someone that recently pushed her down the stairs and tried to place pillows over her head to kill her. Social services did not see anything wrong with this. She has also contact with no restrictions with someone that my daughter has said touched her (she also disclosed to police and social services said police are wrong). This man had previous for abusing other children and social services said no concerns. The judge in my case made a comment on him exposing him self to a 5 year old in a park (taken to court over 20 years agoand ordered supervised contact) “He may of gone a wee in the park and the little girl saw it”

  21. Ron Smith says:

    Personally I consider it downright hypocrisy.

    There is a mountain of evidence against every BASW principle that is being ignored. If the BASW promotes good practice, isn’t it at least good practice to investigate those allegations? Or is good practice to lie and treat parents as worse than convicted felons?

    At least felons legally receive some kind of justice.

  22. ANNOM says:

    Almost all social workers work as self employed for local authorities, to do this they register as a LTD company usually to their home address as they do not have business premises Search companies house for their company details. Searching their name with: LTD, SOCIAL CARE, COMPANY, ETC.. finds their details. Then take legal advise in regard to taking legal action/compensation against the limited company.
    All social workers are registered with hcpc you can make a complaint to them that is independent from the council, social services and the court. Social workers fear the hcpc as they can strike them off for unprofessional conduct.

  23. ANNOM says:

    Social worker Sulaiman Rogers writes conflicting and incorrect reports

    Full details:
    Sulaiman Rogers
    Director of Rogers Social Care LTD
    13, Scovell Crescent, Waterloo, London, SE1 1PS

    Suliaman Rogers Works through his own LTD company for local authority’s

  24. jason says:

    KEVIN BUCK Senior social worker
    BL5 2LS

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