Baby raped from the age of 12 weeks old and no one did anything about it. Child protection

Link taken from LBC 97.3FM radio

Sarah in East Dulwich called James O’Brien to tell him her story: raped from the age of just 12-weeks and the victim of a ritualistic abuse throughout her time in residential care. She reported it and no one did anything.

The result is the most shocking account you will hear this year.

I give my up most respect to this brave women for speaking out.  Where is child protection?  Where are the people that are paid to protect children?

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11 Responses to Baby raped from the age of 12 weeks old and no one did anything about it. Child protection

  1. This is beat up media sensationlism to increase viewing figures and ratings, rather than genuine indepth analysis of how pedophiles can be supported and helped. The media is only interested in beating the public into a frenzy and encouraging them to call for blood. Years ago the answer was to warn kids of Mr so and so, and “if” anything happened a big issue was NOT made of it, and the kids soon forgot about it. These days everything is blown out of all proportion, and the kids are more traumatised by their parents making a big issue of it and getting the police involved and going to court, than the actual pedophile event itself. There is a very wise old saying “Least said, soonest mended”, which use to be the maxim when I was a kid.

  2. Some people just dont get the truth of the scale of this, they decry it happens or the severity of it UNTILL it happens to them then they are in our groups begging for help. ostriches the lot of them.

  3. traitorwatch says:

    All you idiots who are trying to excuse this SHUT IT. We don’t need loony liberal lefty morons playing this down or denying it happens. You know what .. Idiot lefties need exposing for what they are. Your opinions are not welcome and not valued so do one eh?

    • Even pedophiles deserve a second chance, we all make mistakes I know I have. One does not choose to be a pedophile, like sexual orientation, or a myriad of different fetishes, none of these is something people really choose, they can’t help how they are sexualy aroused and feel about these things. Condemn no one. If you can stretch out a helping hand, do so. If you cannot, fold your hands, bless your brothers, and let them go their own way.I run a support group at Range Court in Mullaloo called “Second Chance” its for pedophiles who have been prosecuted and served jail time. And I would be happy to help anyone set up a simmilar support group, feel free to mesage me @ my facebook page or

      • TM says:

        we all make mistakes? Hurting kids is not a feckin mistake it is a callous brutal act!!!! pedophiles choose to be pedophiles.. How dare you categorize it like you have!.. Ever been abused? Ever known anyone who has? Go be a do gooder where it is needed and leave pedophiles to rot in their own filth!

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  5. Rebecca Berry says:

    Whilst it may be true that peadophiles do not choose their orientation, Mullaloo, they do choose to act upon their impulses. And for this choice they must be made responsible. These abusers of one of societies most vulnerable groups have often life long effects on their victims which should not be trivialised.

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