“New Jews” A parents poem about Social Services

We are all the new Jews, we are doomed

to lose.

We must be bad parents,

we’re not allowed our views.


Our children, they weep, us parents

dont sleep, the nightmares continue

to haunt in the day,

We all wrack our brains, there must

be a way.

Our children are screaming as their

dragged away,

Us parents are innocent but we

cannot say.

The family court make sure we’re all

hidden away.

We are the new Jew’s, we have no say.


Your bad they keep saying, you have no

rights, now make our job easy & give up

the fight.

We’ll take your passports, you cant get away,

We’ll cost you your job’s, start grinding away,

We’ve got your family & we got the pay,

We’ve sold your children, it’s better that way,

Now give up the fight new Jew, no one

believes you,

The SS went nowhere, they were just hiding,

they just changed their name,

their time they were biding.

And so hide your children,

Their coming for your’s

To them it’s a game.

Your children are pawn’s.


The phrase is the same, to try hide

their shame, it’s the same one that’s

used again & again

In the interests of the children,

We both say the same,

only one of us is lying,

the others tell the truth.

So the new Jews stand

together, we’ll all stand

and fight, for we all know

the truth that is.

We’ve all seen the light.

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1 Response to “New Jews” A parents poem about Social Services

  1. Child X says:

    Please attribute the Author – Rev. Tina Challeno

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