Twins who were beaten, abused, starved & driven to the brink of suicide by their FOSTER PARENTS (Copied from “The People” Staffordshire Social Services)

Twins who were beaten, abused, starved & driven to the brink of suicide by their FOSTER PARENTS

Mar 28 2010 Laura Armstrong


Twins Helen Stuckey & Sarah Walsh (Pic: Newspics)

(Pic: Newspics)

Twin sisters Helen Stuckey and Sarah Walsh hugged each other with joy last week – unlike when they were little girls and hugged as they trembled with fear.

The reason for last week’s quiet embrace was that the 26-year-old sisters have finally won compensation from a council that put them in the care of the foster parents from hell.

From the age of two, Helen and Sarah were regularly beaten by the couple who should have given them a loving, protected life.

Both girls, who have bravely waived their anonymity, were also forced to perform sex acts on each other while their vile foster brother watched.

And Sarah was sexually abused by their twisted foster dad between the age of five and 16.

Staffordshire county council staff visited the children frequently but failed to spot warning signs.

These included both sisters trying to commit suicide DOZENS of times, SEVEN ignored reports of physical abuse and THREE disregarded admissions by their stepfather that he and his wife beat the kids.

Social services were unaware of the sexual abuse but Helen and Sarah claim it would never have happened if they been removed from the evil family’s care.

Helen told The People: “This battle was never about winning a large amount of money. For us it was our way of getting social services to admit blame for what happened to us.

“They will never admit blame – we understand that now – but in our minds this pay-out suggests they at least accept they were negligent.

“Now we can fully move on and try to forget those years of hell.”


The girls were placed with the foster parents in 1985 after their mother – a schizophrenic – was unable to look after them.

Almost immediately after they were taken in, the physical abuse started.

Sarah said: “If we hadn’t had each other, I honestly don’t think we would have survived. We were beaten and abused from almost day one.”

In 1988, social services admitted they were worried that the foster brother – then aged 15- was looking after the five-year-old twins during the day. But NO action was taken.

In 1993 the foster parents admitted to a social worker that the mother smacked them although carers are NOT supposed to use physical punishment. Again no action was taken.

Next year both parents agreed to stop using corporal punishment. This did NOT happen.

Shockingly, the girls weren’t only being physically abused. From 1988 until 1996 Sarah and Helen were forced to perform sex acts while their foster brother watched. Sarah was also sexually abused by her foster dad.

Sarah said: “We never did anything about it because we were too scared.”

Helen added: “Despite everything we have been through, we don’t want to be seen as victims because we know we are lucky to have escaped our foster family.

“But there must be thousands of helpless children out there trapped in abusive families.

“And one day we hope to change the law so that social services staff are required to take responsibility for the mistakes they make.”

Sarah continued: “Our foster mum was a nasty drinker and if she was drunk or hungover she would go after us with anything she could get.

“Whenever she did use her fists, she would wet them so the punch would hurt more, and then pull us upstairs by our hair.

“I wanted so badly for the beatings to stop, but we were frightened to say anything in case the social workers took us away and split us up.

“So instead we learnt to say nothing when we were beaten. And when it was over and we were alone, we would sit and cry together.

“I was so unhappy and frightened but knowing Helen was there holding my hand helped.”

Helen said: “It wasn’t just the beatings, it was the humiliation. We used to be called the waterworks by classmates because we’d always be crying when we arrived at school.

“And we never made friends because other children were too frightened to come to our house. They had seen the beatings, such as when our foster mum pulled Sarah outside by her shirt collar and slammed her up against a brick wall, screaming that she was a slag and telling her to p*** off.

“Other times we’d be banned from eating for ages, or made to eat until we were sick, just for trivial reasons. I remember once as a child eating Stork margarine with sugar on top because I was so hungry.


“I didn’t care that it made me feel sick, I was just so desperate that I just shovelled it in like an animal.”

The People knows the identity of the twins’ foster family but has decided not to name them for legal reasons.

Their foster mother is still inolved with children while their foster brother now has children of his own. Their foster father died of cancer seven years ago. Helen said: “It scares me to think that our foster mum is still working with young children.

“In the 15 years I lived with her she never once showed Sarah or me a shred of pity, let alone any love.

“If we sobbed when she hurt us, she would just hit harder.”

Sarah said: “The things our foster brother made us do was more confusing than anything else at first. But when my foster dad abused me, I felt sick and alone.”

Helen, tortured by the belief that she was to blame for her sister’s suffering, took an overdose of pills and cough mixture.

Sarah was thrown out by her foster mum when the twins were 16. The homeless teenager began cutting her wrists and was hospitalised after four overdoses.

She said: “After years of abuse I really believed what our foster parents had told us – we were worthless and there was no point in living. It was only when my foster dad died in 2003 I finally felt that I could open up about everything.”

In 2006 Helen and Sarah reported the abuse to police.

Their foster mum and brother were questioned but released without charge after the Crown Prosecution Service ruled there was a lack of evidence of the brother’s abuse and the time limit to prosecute the mother for assault had expired.

So the twins – now mums themselves – launched a claim against Staffordshire County Council.

Now they have received £70,000 compensation three weeks before the case was due to be heard in court.

The compensation is NOT for the abuse but for social services breaching their duty of care.

Sarah said: “Hearing the settlement had been reached was like having a 10-ton weight lifted.”

Helen added: “I still see our foster mum in the street sometimes and she laughs if she catches sight of me. But now I can put all the anger that I used to feel behind me.”

Staffordshire County Council said: “We made an out-of-court settlement but do not accept liability for the allegations which have never been proved. We have, however, offered the claimants help and support.

“The fostering service has come a very long way since the 1980s. We were inspected by Ofsted in 2009 and our fostering service was judged outstanding.”

Solicitor Richard Scorer of Manchester law firm Pannone said: “We were able to find information to support Helen and Sarah’s case.

“Although no amount of money can ever compensate for what they went through, I am pleased to have played a part in getting them justice .”

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Judge hits out at social workers’ lies (copied from guardian)

Judge hits out at social workers’ lies

Copied from Guardian, published 29th May 2003

An angry high court judge has reported social workers to the social services inspectorate for lying to a magistrates court and to the mother of a one-year-old boy whose foster father had been arrested for downloading child pornography.

Mr Justice Wall censured the unnamed metropolitan borough council over the “extremely worrying sequence of events”, in which social workers also denied the boy’s independent guardian access to documents about his case and tried to invoke public interest immunity to keep them secret.

A court order protects the identities of all the parties, including the local authority, but the judge has authorised his judgement to be made public because of its importance.

The boy, S, was put into voluntary care by his mother, JJ, three weeks after his birth in October 2001. He was placed with the Bs, foster parents with 33 years’ experience who were also looking after another, unrelated, child.

The council’s application for an interim care order was due to be heard on October 17 last year. The day before the hearing, however, police arrested Mr B as part of Operation Ore, the international child pornography investigation.

Social workers removed the two children and decided to take them to hospital for medical examinations. JJ’s consent was needed to examine S and to move him to another placement because the council had no care order for parental responsibility.

C, the social worker dealing with the case, was told by her boss to telephone JJ, but to let the telephone ring only twice. Then, assuming there was no answer, the magistrates could be told the council had tried, but failed, to reach her.

What the judge described as “this grossly unprofessional and wholly improper stratagem” failed, because JJ answered after the second ring.

But C told her that the placement was being changed because of “personal reasons” and that her consent was needed for a “welfare medical”.

“Incredibly”, said the judge, the magistrates were not told that S had been removed. C’s statement, prepared before the police swoop, said that the “foster carers have been able to offer S a stable, loving home”.

The judge described the council’s conduct in “comprehensively misleading” the court as “quite shocking”.

JJ opposed the care order and told the magistrates that her parents wanted to care for S, but the magistrates decided to make the care order.

Children involved in care proceedings are entitled to have a guardian, an independent social worker, to safeguard their interests. But because of the ongoing crisis in the children’s court service, it took nine weeks to get a guardian appointed.

“Such a delay is unacceptable,” the judge said. It was only when the guardian started his investigations that the behaviour of the social workers came to light.

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“New Jews” A parents poem about Social Services

We are all the new Jews, we are doomed

to lose.

We must be bad parents,

we’re not allowed our views.


Our children, they weep, us parents

dont sleep, the nightmares continue

to haunt in the day,

We all wrack our brains, there must

be a way.

Our children are screaming as their

dragged away,

Us parents are innocent but we

cannot say.

The family court make sure we’re all

hidden away.

We are the new Jew’s, we have no say.


Your bad they keep saying, you have no

rights, now make our job easy & give up

the fight.

We’ll take your passports, you cant get away,

We’ll cost you your job’s, start grinding away,

We’ve got your family & we got the pay,

We’ve sold your children, it’s better that way,

Now give up the fight new Jew, no one

believes you,

The SS went nowhere, they were just hiding,

they just changed their name,

their time they were biding.

And so hide your children,

Their coming for your’s

To them it’s a game.

Your children are pawn’s.


The phrase is the same, to try hide

their shame, it’s the same one that’s

used again & again

In the interests of the children,

We both say the same,

only one of us is lying,

the others tell the truth.

So the new Jews stand

together, we’ll all stand

and fight, for we all know

the truth that is.

We’ve all seen the light.

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Baby raped from the age of 12 weeks old and no one did anything about it. Child protection

Link taken from LBC 97.3FM radio

Sarah in East Dulwich called James O’Brien to tell him her story: raped from the age of just 12-weeks and the victim of a ritualistic abuse throughout her time in residential care. She reported it and no one did anything.

The result is the most shocking account you will hear this year.

I give my up most respect to this brave women for speaking out.  Where is child protection?  Where are the people that are paid to protect children?

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Kaiya Blake suffocated by mother Chantelle (copied from BBC Manchester)

Kaiya Blake suffocated by mother Chantelle

This story is concerning and has similarities to my case see my main blog  –

social services said that suffocation is NO RISK to a child 

A mother who suffocated her four-year-old daughter in Manchester has been detained in a mental health unit.

At Manchester Crown Court, Chantelle Blake, 31, of Garthorne Close, Moss Side, pleaded guilty to the manslaughter of daughter Kaiya.

Kaiya’s body was found at their home in September 2011, after Blake was treated in hospital for self-inflicted injuries, police said.

Blake entered her guilty plea on the basis of diminished responsibility.

The court heard she was suffering from delusions and hallucinations and has since been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia.

Mr Justice MacKay said: “You were thinking in a distorted and deluded way, but you genuinely believed that you were acting to protect your daughter from harm by persons who wished her ill.

‘Happy young girl’

“You thought that because you were mentally ill at the time.”

Blake made an anonymous 999 call from Manchester Royal Infirmary, stating that she was receiving treatment for wounds to her wrists and her daughter was dead at home, police said.

Officers said they attempted to call the number back without success, but shortly after a ward sister called police after Blake told her she had suffocated her child.

When police arrived at the house they found Kaiya in bed with a pillow over her face.

She agrees that… she made a grave error in killing her daughter and she will bitterly regret it for the rest of her life”

Judy Khan QC, mitigating

Det Ch Insp Phil Reade said: “Kaiya’s death was an absolute tragedy. She was a happy young girl with her whole life ahead of her.

“Her death has left a huge hole in her family’s life that can never ever be filled.”

Blake will only be released when cleared by doctors and by a Ministry of Justice independent review panel.

The court was told that Kaiya’s father, Alexander Glenford, was based in Jamaica but that Blake and Kaiya regularly visited him.

Blake cared for Kaiya as a single parent but Mr Glenford “kept in touch with the defendant and maintained an interest in her and his daughter”.

Manchester City Council said it had had contact with the family before Kaiya’s death and a serious case review was to be carried out by the city’s safeguarding children board into its involvement.

Graham Reeds QC, for the prosecution, told the court the first signs of Blake’s “odd behaviour” had started to show in late 2009 when she was taken in for a psychiatric assessment after calling police about a domestic disturbance.

‘Grave error’

In 2010, she received a police caution for assaulting her daughter outside a Poundstretcher in Hulme and the following year, the court heard, the child was taken away from her.

Kaiya was returned to her mother shortly before she was killed.

Mr Reeds said: “That separation seems to have been the catalyst for the acceleration of her delusional behaviour.”

Judy Khan QC, mitigating, said: “Miss Blake does not accept that she was mentally ill but she does accept that she was not in her right mind at the time of killing her daughter.

“She maintains that she and her daughter were persecuted by her neighbours and she did not, nor has she ever, suffered from delusions or hallucinations.

“She agrees that whatever the situation was with all those external factors, she made a grave error in killing her daughter and she will bitterly regret it for the rest of her life.”

She said Blake did it out of “love and fear” and to protect her daughter.

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Justice Ministry to bar parents from telling their own stories (copied from The Independent)

Justice Ministry to bar parents from telling their own stories

The Websters made headlines, but, says Matthew Bell, such exposure will soon be impossible

Last Wednesday, Mark and Nicky Webster were told they will never see three of their children again, even though a judge accepted that allegations of abuse could be false. Their story was the lead item on the following day’s BBC news, and appeared in several newspapers with pictures of the couple and quotes of them saying they felt they had been the victims of a miscarriage of justice.

But as of April, because of a change in legislation being introduced by Jack Straw, the Justice Secretary, the media will no longer be able to identify those involved in cases such as the Websters.

It will also be illegal for any children currently in care to speak out, even if they feel they are being maltreated.

The change, unremarked by the press, comes within an overhaul of the law on the reporting of family courts that has otherwise been widely welcomed by the media. Currently there is a blanket ban on journalists entering family courts, but in December Straw announced a change to the law that will allow journalists to attend family court hearings. “A really important veil is being lifted on what happens in these courts” he said. The change was greeted warmly, particularly by The Times, whose columnist Camilla Cavendish had led the campaign to open up the family courts, for which she won the Paul Foot Award. But what The Times omitted to mention was a line, slipped in at the end of Straw’s statement, stating his intention to reverse the decision in a case known as Clayton v Clayton.

Simon Clayton is an intense 47-year-old book-seller from Hay-on-Wye. In 2003, he astonished locals in the Welsh border town by abducting his seven-year-old daughter, days ahead of a divorce hearing, fearing he would lose custody to his wife. He was tracked down to Portugal and brought home under arrest, after which he fought a lengthy custody battle.

When his case was concluded, Clayton found he was legally barred from offering a public explanation for what he had done. He fought the existing legislation, and in 2006 the Court of Appeal reached a landmark ruling that a parent should be allowed to identify himself and his child and tell his story. It was decided that a parent’s right to freedom of expression was greater than a child’s right to privacy.

It is because of that Clayton v Clayton ruling that the Websters were able to speak of their distress on Thursday. “Reversing it will mean that any child or adult who has been in a family court case cannot identify themselves in public,” says Clayton. “The implication of this for papers is bad – editors are only interested in a story if it has a human dimension, if you can see the people or read about them by name.”

Liberal Democrat MP John Hemming agrees: “There are two issues here. One is that the press will be prevented from reporting cases like the Websters with their names and faces. The other is that, at the moment, children who are in care are entitled to speak out if they are unhappy, although it doesn’t happen very often because nobody knows how to do it. The effect of this change will be to gag them.”

Since Clayton v Clayton there have been no complaints of invasion of privacy. “Fran Lyon, Angela Canning, Bob Geldof, Jack Frost – there are more than a dozen people who have benefited from being able to go public with their stories,” says Clayton. “There are thousands of people like the Websters out there who, once their cases are over, will want to log on to a forum and discuss what happened to them and get support. As of April, it will be illegal to identify yourself in any way that could lead to the identification of the child.” Similarly, there are occasions when the children may wish to make a public statement.

Clayton is incensed that Straw is claiming to be opening up the family courts while reversing the Court of Appeal’s ruling, and says he has yet to receive an explanation, or any reply, from Straw’s office. A Ministry of Justice spokesman said: “The Secretary of State has made it clear that any move towards openness in the family courts must be balanced with the welfare, privacy and well-being of children.” She added that the decision to reverse Clayton had been made following a consultation with a variety of bodies. For better or worse, the balance has been tipped against openness.

Some say the child must come first, end of discussion. Others see a sinister attempt to gag those who say the system doesn’t work. Cavendish takes a less conspiratorial view, but is nonetheless perplexed about the reversal of Clayton. “It won’t cancel out the new legislation but it will make it increasingly difficult to report these cases,” she said. “I’m afraid I don’t know why it is happening.”

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Buckingham Palace butler ‘ran paedophile sex ring while working for the Royal Family’ (copied from Daily Mail)

Copied from Daily Mail (01/10/2008)

A former Buckingham Palace butler has been unmasked as a sexual predator who  ran a paedophile ring while serving the Royal Family.

Bachelor Paul Kidd, 55, groomed at least one of his teenage victims for sex by taking him for tea with the Queen Mother at Clarence House, it has emerged.

To the public, he had been the urbane gent who waited on the Royals for nine years – first the Queen at the Palace and then her mother.

He often publicly gushed about his blue blood employers talking of the Queen as ‘courteous and genuinely caring.’

 Paul Kidd,

Former Royal butler Paul Kidd has admitted 29 sex charges involving three boys

But behind the facade, Kidd was leading a secret double life as a serial child abuser who molested a string of boys over a 30 year period.

He was finally exposed after one of his victims read a newspaper article in which he boasted about his links to the Royals and talked fondly of Princess Diana and her musical tastes.

Police raided his two bedroom home in St Johns Street, Stalybridge, where they found almost 19,000 pornographic pictures and videos of children.

Included in the haul were some nude pictures of a teenager who officers were able to trace and interview.

Some images were hidden in a safe while others were encrypted on his computer.

Kidd admitted 29 sex charges involving three boys namely indecent assault, sexual activity with a child and the possessing and making of indecent images of children between December 1974 and January 2008.

An accomplice David Hobday, 56, of St Johns Street, Dukinfield admitted seven charges involving one of the victims of sexual activity with a child and possessing indecent images. Both men face a maximum 14 years in jail.

A police source said: ‘Kidd was a very accomplished groomer of children.


Kidd has been remanded in custody and faces 14 years in jail if convicted

‘Given that he has been behaving like this for 30 years the likelihood is there could be many other victims out there who have not yet come forward.

‘This man used his Royal connections to impress and seduce young boys. He even had autographed pictures of Manchester United players on his walls at home. 

‘He was acting with at least one other man and it’s possible he could have been communicating with many other paedophiles over many years. 

‘These offences are probably just the tip of the iceberg.’

Kidd had honed his skills as a silver service waiter when he joined the Royal Navy after leaving school – looking after the captain and officers.

During his naval service he visited 22 countries around the world. In 1976 he was appointed as butler to the Queen at Buckingham Palace and served there for six years until being transferred to Clarence House where he served the Queen Mother.

During his years in Royal service, he was said to have met and looked after three American Presidents including Jimmy Carter and Ronald Regan plus many other Heads of State from around the world.

He was also said to have worked closely with Princess Diana at Buckingham Palace in the six months prior to her wedding to Prince Charles.

In 1985 he gave up Royal Service due to a cancer scare but then started charging up to £4,000 a time as an after dinner speaker talking about his work with the Royal Family. 

He ran a series of lectures including one he called: An uncomfortable experience for the Queens page boy.

Kidd also starred on numerous TV chat shows in the UK and USA including the Caroline Rhea show in New York.

He also appeared on stage with Hollywood actor Robin Williams at the Nemacolin Spa & Resort Centre in the USA.

He joined Robert Kilroy Silk’s UK Independence party standing unsuccessfully as a candidate in local council elections.

In one interview Kidd said of the Queen: ‘She was always very courteous, but she only ever addressed me as ‘Kidd’ – never by my first name.

‘She deals with people in a genuinely caring manner. Her children are the future of the country, they cannot be brought up in a namby-pamby manner. 

‘But in private, as a mother and grandmother, she dotes on the children.’ 

Police began investigating Kidd earlier this year after a victim, now 41 read a newspaper article about Kidd in which he talked about Princess Diana on the 10th anniversary of her death.

The victim was thought to be so disgusted by his bragging, he went to police and told officers how he was 14 when he was abused by Kidd after meeting him through a CB radio group.

Kidd introduced the lad to his Royal employers and took him for tea with the Queen Mother in the late 70s.

It is believed the victim even spoke to the Queen Mother – at a time when the late Royal had no idea he was being secretly abused by her servant.

It emerged he had met Kidd though a religious group when he was 14 and he was sexually accused and passed onto another paedophile.

A third victim later came forward to say he was abused in the 1980s when he was 15 after meeting him when Kidd was training to be a nurse.

At Minshull Street Crown Court, Manchester, Kidd and Hobday were told they would be sentenced on November 20 after probation officers complete a report assessing whether they are a risk to the public. 

Various other charges will be allowed to lie on file.

Both were remanded in custody and Judge Mushtaq Khokhar told them: ‘You have both pleaded guilty to serious offences and you will be under no illusion that the likely sentence is going to be custody.’


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